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We're glad you're here.  You may be wondering, "Exactly, what is iDanceMachine!"?  It’s simple, really.  Instead of holding auditions in Hollywood or New York or Orlando, we're using the Internet to make it possible for everyone, everywhere in the world to have the opportunity to audition, and if chosen, win a role in the movie, DanceMachine!

DanceMachine! will be cast exclusively from auditions submitted to iDanceMachine.com.  That's right; each and every role will be filled from iDanceMachine.com members.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.  It's absolutely free to become an iDanceMachine.com member and upload your audition materials.  You can showcase your acting, dancing, singing, modeling, voice-over, cheerleading or any other talent that you'd like the world, and more importantly the decision makers in the Entertainment Industry to see.  You can also include your resume, headshots, talent reel - virtually anything that displays your talents and promotes you.

But it gets even better.  As an iDanceMachine.com member you are eligible for all iDanceMachine! Studio productions including iDanceMachine! television, commercials, music videos, and all other DanceMachine Studio productions.

Now it's up to you.  Are you ready to take the next step and become a star?  Join iDanceMachine.com and upload your audition today!

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Are you a dancer, a singer, an actor? Well, what are you waiting for? Upload your audition for the 3D motion picture DanceMachine! right now! It's fast, it's easy and it's free!

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If you're ready we're ready We'll open the doors and make your audition available to everyone in the Entertainment Industry.

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As an iDanceMachine! member you'll be ready to show the world what you can do. Your iDanceMachine! member site is ready to share across all professional and social networks!

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You can make this happen. Share your talent with the world. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you are a seasoned professional you won't get the role if you can't be found. Get found today - at iDanceMachine.com


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