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David (DOC) O'Connor

Lives in Sydney, Australia · Born on December 11, 1994
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December 11, 1994
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About Me
I'm Dave, Acting, Rugby Union and School are pretty much my life at the moment. I'm learning how to Breakdance. I'm pretty smooth on a scooter and skateboard.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Johnny Deep- He would have to be the most interesting person i can think of. Being such a versatile actor and playing in so many different roles you can't really tell what he would be like but i think he would be pretty cool. This Guy is one of my hero's
Jonah Lamu- An ex-All black black's winger, he is also a hero of mine, he was strong fast and decisive in of the coolest guys i can think of.
Anything starring Johnny deep, from Edward scissor hands to the pirates of the Caribbean series and also Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland.
Also all those cliche dance movies where the guy is a street dancer and the girl a ballet dancer, And in the end they both end up dancing together.those are always good movie.
Action movies Smile
Anything were the nerdy guy gets the girl.
And pretty much every movie that is made well with good acting, unless it's horror or gore which is just horrible.
Well the obvious one is Acting,That's kinda a given. Then there's sport, any sport really, Rugby Union, cricket, soccer, American football,Baseball,Waterpolo etc. Also thing like rock climbing and Hiking are pretty awesome.
Not to mention trying to pick up chicks Tongue Bit of a self professed ladies man if you ask me.
Also Vet science and animals, well not so much vet sciences yet but if i don't make it as an actor i would like to become a vet.
Angels and Airwaves,Arctic Monkeys, Black eyed peas, Bloc Party, Red hot chili peppers, Crowded houses, Basshunter, Anything dance or hip hop, Die antwoord and other rap and dubstep. A bit of classical is always good to.